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Home Fensterprofi12 with information about Schüco windows, doors and Acomax motor controls. Bubendorff Solar front-mounted roller shutter with louverable slats. 

Solar energy - renewable energy and 100% free.

Independent, up to 30 days without sun The photovoltaic cell and battery of our iD3 roller shutter were designed to guarantee you exceptional functionality:

between -15°C and +60°C, even large roller shutters in low light conditions EXCLUSIVE TO BUBENDORFF Independent, thermal comfort

In controlled mode, iD3 roller shutters close automatically, depending on the outside temperature and sunlight, thus preventing or reducing overheating of your rooms in summer
Energy consumption in winter due to automatic closing at nightfall.

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MX-I 520 Ultra Bidirektional Funk WLAN Modul

Roller shutter drive 20 Nm, 60 mm octagonal shaft


MX-G 520 Ultra Direct current

Roller shutter drive 20 Nm, 60 mm octagonal shaft


MX-N 550 Giga bidirectional radio emergency manual operation

Roller shutter drive 50 Nm, 60 mm octagonal shaft


Aktion mechanischer Motor 20 Nm Somfy Lager Stern

Tubular motor, mechanically adjustable end positions,
20 Nm with adapter for 60 mm octagonal shaft

Aktion 20 Nm

Promotion €63

Wandsender bidirektional FX-W 495 i

433,92 MHz bidirektional

Smart Home Mini-Bridge APP works with

Design Funk-Wandsender mit Halteschale

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