Solar front-mounted roller shutter from...

Bubendorff solar front roller shutter

Solar front-mounted roller shutter from Bubendorff

A seven-year guarantee
Bubendorff solar roller shutters have a 7-year guarantee on all components.

This also applies to the battery and the photovoltaic cell.
The lifespan of the battery is extended by optimized charging technology.

An order is only possible after approval has been received and all details have been clarified at
0 watts: when the sun doesn't shine,
The device has an energy reserve of up to 30 days during normal operation.
The photovoltaic cell and battery of the iD3 roller shutter were developed in collaboration with scientific partners (INES, CEA) and are designed for an exceptionally wide temperature range (-15°C to +60°C). Even large roller shutters need little light.

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