MX-I Bidirectional Radio Quick...

MX-I bi radio electronic roller shutter motor WLAN

MX-I Bidirectional Radio Quick Overview 


The new generation of drives with WLAN module can be controlled directly via the 2.4 GHz WLAN frequency. The drive also has bidirectional radio, which now works even more precisely with the appropriate handheld or wall transmitter.
The matching transmitters are characterized by a small i at the end of the product name: FX-W 495 i, FX-W 481 i, etc.
The motors can be easily controlled using the free acomax app SmartControl Plus (available for iOS and Android) or via Learn, program and operate radio transmitters and have integrated obstacle detection.

Other Information

Delivered in individual packaging including an offset wall bearing
and adapter set for octagonal shaft, 2.5 m cable.

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